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Great job!!! Very atmospheric.

The idea of this project was not to develop too much the gameplay, the mechanics or the story.

I put a lot of emphasis on creating an Immersive Environment and working on the integration and gradual transition of two different backgrounds

added to the mixture of many small details such as paloms, squirrels, and different effects that make the environment much more enveloping.

thanks for the support

very nice game 

thank you very much. the game is still in development. You can follow the whole process in this playlist. =)

Yo this game is buggy as frik. Just kidding, but did you even play your game? I don't know what happened, but the game just restarts after a bit of playing (a bit past the guy that says hello in the forest), and then proceeds to restart anytime I leave town.

Another thing I don't like is how the camera follows the mouse. Really gives one motion sickness or something. There is no instruction so I really don't know what to do, and You can't differentiate what you can shoot from what you can't.

Shooting arrows is pretty cool, but gets boring real quickly as, again, I don't know what to do.

Overall, what is this?


first of all thanks for the feedback. is appreciated =)

I was just updating the version of the game out there that's why it gave you an error.

At the moment the backgrounds and assets are mounted .. this is a test to get feedback from the users .. I recommend watching the video before playing it.

Until now I gave priority to the environment, the music and the animations .. now with the feedback from the users I am going to improve the mechanics of the game, and polish the mechanics better ..

The idea of the game is that it is a single level where you have to help the old man to cross the forest.

simple and short.

the idea of the game is a bit also to promote the creators of the assets.

I'm going to work a couple more hours on development and I'm going to leave it as it is. I'm still going to implement as much feedback as I can gather.

I preferred that you see the video ... but here on itch io. They asked me to put the link of the game. so good .. it was to be expected that it crashed a bit .. not finished yet.

Greetings and thank you very much

The game restarts because you die when the first enemy "the snake bites you" is the first enemy that appears at the entrance of the first town. It also resets if the skeletons touch your character or the carriage.

You really can't tell the animals from the environment then.

it's because of the natural camouflage ....

Sorry. remember this is a test. the game is not finish yet.
the suggestions you mention are very helpful.

Thanks for the feedback =)