Welcome to the International Pixelart Gallery! 
In this free game, you can explore the work of digital artists from every corner of the planet thanks to our interactive map. 
You'll be able to see three drawings from each participating artist and access their social media profiles to contact them directly.Our goal is to connect creators with new audiences and their peers, as well as leave a mark of global collaboration between musicians, pixel artists, programmers and game designers.This time, our gallery features 71 participants from 39 different countries. 

We hope you enjoy your exploration of the International Pixelart Gallery 

and discover new talent in every corner of the globe!

I love ending the year developing this game. I like getting in touch with each of the artists, chatting a bit, and feeling a bit part of a global artist community... I like knowing that there are so many talented people in the world and that we are so close.

I would have liked to have more time this year to dedicate to this project.. but I know it will continue to grow in the coming years and we will go to other platforms and formats.

I thank all the participants and even though there could have been more than 100 artists this year.. (I apologize to those who were left out, I will add them next year) the year is over.. and so is the time.. so I have to publish it as far as it goes.

Greetings to all and thanks for everything =)


This are the participating pixelartist this year.

https://www.instagram.com/4lg1z/ Argentina

https://www.instagram.com/funeral_pl8nt/  Russia

https://www.instagram.com/rubstarks/ Spain

https://www.instagram.com/p681_arts/  Uzbekistan

https://www.instagram.com/cosmiccurls._/ Brazil

https://www.instagram.com/asyayakim/ Russia

https://www.instagram.com/m3r0j/ France

https://www.instagram.com/arts.of.win/ Philippines

https://www.instagram.com/angrysnail/ Russia

https://www.instagram.com/daisy.pxl19/ Morroco

https://www.instagram.com/inkpendude/ Chile

https://www.instagram.com/aiyopixel/ New Zealand


https://www.instagram.com/banfanpxl/ China

https://www.instagram.com/watt.designs/ USA

https://www.instagram.com/quipinny/   Kazakhstan

https://www.instagram.com/ioruko_art/ Russia

https://www.instagram.com/zsomb.err/  Hungary

https://www.instagram.com/gonegozzle.exe/  Philippines

https://twitter.com/norma_2d  Germany

https://www.instagram.com/tombaconart/ USA

https://www.instagram.com/putorti.andrea/ Italy

https://www.instagram.com/alb_pixel/ Albania

https://www.instagram.com/pixelleili/ Iran

https://www.instagram.com/rivapau/ Argentina

https://www.instagram.com/michael._.blake/  Australia

https://www.instagram.com/pixel_lordbr/  Brazil

https://www.instagram.com/mistertabasco/ Germany

https://www.instagram.com/masterbeany/ South Africa

https://www.instagram.com/kasatka_pixel/ Ukraine

https://www.instagram.com/pixel_tiramisu/  Croatia

https://www.instagram.com/alvaricular/ Spain

https://www.instagram.com/brossu_/ Poland

https://www.instagram.com/loho_pixel/ South Korea

https://www.instagram.com/r.baeza.m/ Mexico

https://www.instagram.com/pixel.croupier/ Germany

https://www.instagram.com/jptom666/ France

https://www.instagram.com/daydreamer941/  Netherlands

https://www.instagram.com/dei_septentrion/ Venezuela

https://twitter.com/vladpxl  Bulgaria

https://www.instagram.com/benji.pixelinus/  Russia

https://www.instagram.com/tofupixels/  England

https://www.instagram.com/jess.pxl/   Honduras

https://twitter.com/Namatnieks  Latvia

https://www.instagram.com/thedavishi/   USA

https://www.instagram.com/mloukhiyye/  Lebanon

https://www.instagram.com/pixelsbymolly/   USA

https://www.instagram.com/zexionarts/ Brazil

https://www.instagram.com/raiinamoor/  Russia

https://www.instagram.com/_aero.art/ USA

https://www.instagram.com/cod31n3/  France

https://www.instagram.com/pixelnacho/ Venezuela

https://www.instagram.com/pixel_javi/  Uruguay

https://www.instagram.com/_railslave/  Wales

https://www.instagram.com/lenapixels/  Kazakhstan

https://www.instagram.com/5krad/  South Korea

https://www.instagram.com/cutlaska/  USA

https://www.instagram.com/penusbmic/  Canada

https://www.instagram.com/helenpixels/  Ukraine

https://www.instagram.com/qwexl.png/  Ukraine

https://www.instagram.com/basura.verde/  Argentina

https://www.instagram.com/moer.tel/ Germany

https://www.instagram.com/suityourselfgames/  England

https://www.instagram.com/duckadoodledu/ South Korea

https://www.instagram.com/laundrylights/ Argentina

https://www.instagram.com/misfire.dev/ England

https://www.instagram.com/digitalmank/ Pakistan

https://www.instagram.com/nima___gm/ Iran

https://www.instagram.com/crawling_quietly/ Ukraine

https://www.instagram.com/pixelotoko/ Colombia

https://www.instagram.com/velius_valmont_pixelart/ Uruguay

https://www.instagram.com/retronator/ Slovenia

https://www.instagram.com/drych_art/ Spain

https://www.instagram.com/moneer.pix/ Libya

The purpose of this project is to connect creators with new audiences and with fellow colleagues, as well as leaving testimony of worldwide collaboration between musicians, pixel artists, programmers and game designers.

How to participate:

-Send contact information (artist name and country) and whatever you want to exhibit in your gallery to jameschappfillmore@gmail.com. -Send the links of your social media. (instagram, artstation, linkedin)

-Send indications regarding how you want to use your gallery space, which will consist of 3 screens of 640x360 pixels.

You can send images in any format you want GIFs too.

Restrictions Violence, drug use, sex and other taboo themes are allowed, although I’d appreciate having content suitable to all audiences if possible.

Because of potential copyright issues, the only not-obvious content restriction goes for fanart. I understand fanart is not plagiarism, but I also don’t want to pull the lion’s tale - at least for now. Of course actual, literal plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated to any degree. The works you send must be yours and only yours.


Once I get your images I’ll be adding them to your gallery and updating the Protoyipe  so you can tell me if you approve it or not. At this point you can ask me to make modifications to how your work is displayed. A healthy back and forth is expected at this point :) . I won’t publish anything until I get explicit approval from the author. I promise to do my best to meet your expectations. 


If anyone, at any point and for any reason (or without reason) wants his/her work to be removed from the app, he/she can write to me about it to jameschappfillmore@gmail.com and the contents will be removed in the next release.


Regarding funding, collaborators won’t be charged in any way for having their gallery included. There won’t be any publicity or advertisements other than promoting your work. Some mechanism to receive donations will be implemented, though. Donations will be strictly reinvested in the project. 

If you have a friend who is a pixel artist who you think would be interested in participating in the project, do not hesitate to invite him and give him my contact.

Recommendations based on experience...

Remember the game resolution is 640x360

Send the drawings in the original resolution. 1 pixel = 1 pixel. there is no need to scale or enlarge the images before sending them.

If you want to make custom buttons for your display or put your logo or avatar, let me know and I'll send you the specifications of those images.

For those who want to get jobs as pixel artists, I recommend making Linkedin and Artstation profiles and putting those links in the bio.

For those who want to collect payments, I recommend making a paypal account and putting a link in the bio.


https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/772939 https://jameschappfillmore.itch.io/internationalpixelartgallery2020 https://gamejolt.com/games/IPG/560532

IPG 2021




IPG 2022 (test version) https://jameschappfillmore.itch.io/internationalpixelartgallery2022

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