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Through The Forest is an Immersive Environment 2D pixelart Game in which I experiment by mixing free assets from different artists around the world to create an enjoyable simple game experience.

The whole game was developed in 33 hours. I recorded all the development of the game and you can see it in this playlist on youtube.

Through The Forest Full Dev Playlist

The web version is less fluid than the windows version so I am raising funds to buy the game maker studio license to be able to export it to windows. To those who can collaborate with some dollars I leave my Paypall.

This is the first version of the game. in the future I will continue to update and add mechanics that make it more interesting and complex. In this version I focus more than anything on the environment and the theme of the game.

In case of doubts in this link you can see a video of the gameplay of the game.

Game Design & Programming By jameschappfillmore

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BackGrounds By edermunizz https://edermunizz.itch.io/free-pixel-art-forest

Archer Hero Sprite By darkpixel-kronovi https://darkpixel-kronovi.itch.io/archer-hero

Medieval Props Sprites By oco https://oco.itch.io/medieval-fantasy-props-pack

Warlock sprite  By jose-moyano https://jose-moyano.itch.io/blind-warlock-pixel-art

Horse Sprite  By alizard https://opengameart.org/content/pixel-horse

Fossil Sprite  By kvsr https://kvsr.itch.io/fossil

Crows Sprite  By meitdev https://meitdev.itch.io/crow

Deer Sprites  By calciumtrice https://opengameart.org/content/deer

Pidgeon Sprites  By pop-shop-packs https://pop-shop-packs.itch.io/pigeons-2d-pixel-asset-pack

Chicken Sprites  By shepardskin https://opengameart.org/content/chicken-sprites

Dog Sprites  By keygenius https://keygenius.itch.io/sitting-dog-animation

Wooden Botons  By nedokontent https://nedokontent.itch.io/ui-wooden-controls

Skeleton_sword By sanctumpixel https://sanctumpixel.itch.io/sword-skeleton-pixel-art-character

Skeleton By luizmelo https://luizmelo.itch.io/monsters-creatures-fantasy

Dark Forest assets By https://szadiart.itch.io/pixel-dark-forest

Pixel Castle By  https://szadiart.itch.io/pixle-castle-2d

Swamp 2d Tileset By https://free-game-assets.itch.io/free-swamp-2d-tileset-pixel-art

Torch Sprites By https://asymmetric.itch.io/mideval-2d-16x16-torch-sprite-pack-with-animations

Medieval Houses By https://free-game-assets.itch.io/free-medieval-houses-3d-low-poly-models

Fantasy Pixel Art Assets by  https://teamgriffin.itch.io/molly-asset-pack

Villagers animals and props By https://free-game-assets.itch.io/free-fishing-pixel-art-pack https://free-game-assets.itch.io/villagers-sprite-sheets-free-pixel-art-pack https://free-game-assets.itch.io/free-3-character-sprite-pixel-art https://free-game-assets.itch.io/free-39-portraits-pixel-art-game-assets https://free-game-assets.itch.io/free-enemy-sprite-sheets-pixel-art

Fox By https://merly23.itch.io/piecewise-bundle

Bunny by https://hiroredbird.itch.io/bunny-sprite-sheet

Squirrel By https://elthen.itch.io/2d-pixel-art-squirrel-sprites

Animals By https://hello-tazzina.itch.io/animals

Hell_hound sporite By https://ansimuz.itch.io/hell-hound-sprite-animation

Music by Kevin MacLeod Song Name : Healing 

Nature Sounds Forest By BurghRecords

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Tags2D, Archery, artgame, Atmospheric, Cute, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer


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